Weekly intention | 11.02.20

This week is heavy for many of us. We feel a sense that an enormous amount is on the line, and our anxieties are winning the majority of our minds while our heart and spirit feel smaller and demoralized. Prayer really can help. It’s not a cliche. Yesterday, I ran across this incredible prayer from Nadia Bolz-Weber. She has a way of just laying it out there before the Lord that I completely respect. He hears us. Give it a go.

Dear God,

This week is a doozey.

If anxiety produced a sound, it would be deafening right now.

Open my ears to the sounds I need most: the wild geese overhead, Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace (1972); the sound of my friend on the other end of the phone; the sugar-high laughter of children who need us to dial down the doom.

If fear could be seen, it would be obscuring everything else.

Open my eyes to the sights that I need most: my puppy underfoot with a toy in her mouth, ready to play; the brightening of my neighbor’s eyes under their mask when I pass them in the stairwell; that sidewalk covered in an oak tree’s fallen leaves like nature’s confetti.

If sorrow could be tasted, the bitterness would overcome me.

Open my mouth to the sweetness I need: words of kindness; deep, unhurried kisses; and absolutely as much Ben and Jerry’s as I deem necessary.

Help me remember that you are in the other side of Tuesday, no matter what.


— Shared from the Sunday Prayers of The Corners by Nadia Bolz-Weber.

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