Casting our vote

With the Presidential election before us, we are called to examine our hearts and minds and search our soul for who truly leads us.

Father, you sent us the greatest of men to lead us. You gave us the King of Kings.

Lord, we’ve lost our way – we have fallen out of your love and hurt our neighbors.

Forgive us and redeem us, Lord. Lead us into a quiet surrender… back home to you.

Place in our hearts the spirit of truth. Fill us with a holy desire to do good.

Quell the noise so that we may hear your voice.

Quiet our minds so that we know your heart.

Reacquaint us with the promises that are never broken.

May we cast

our vote for you.

May we follow your Spirit to love our family, our community, our country, and our world.

May your Kingdom come, through us, your children.

And may we all – no matter our worldly stature – bow to you and lift your name on high.

For you are the light of the world.


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