Prayer against COVID-19

As concern over the spread of the coronavirus rises across the world, I encourage all believers to remember that fear and disease are not of God. Join me in praying for the containment and end of COVID-19.

Lord of all goodness, hear this prayer.

You tell us if we will turn to you and away from our wrong, worldly ways, you will hear our prayers and heal our land.

Reveal to us where, and how, we have stepped out of your light and into the darkness that harms us, our families, our communities and our world.

On our knees and in our hearts, let us turn our faces back to you. Cleanse us with your grace, and restore us anew through our repentance and your steadfast forgiveness.

Shield us, Father, from this new and deadly disease. Break down the fear being passed among us through a rise of factual and unbiased reporting from our trusted media sources. By the power of your Holy Spirit, end COVID-19 swiftly and without further deaths.

Preserve us, Lord, and through our confidence in you, let our faith lead us to reach out and touch others in need as Jesus did to those who were ill. Let us not be afraid but walk in the assuring truth that you are the Great Physician, and you have anointed an army of doctors, nurses, care teams and normal people, just like us, to do the great work you have created us for: to heal the sick and to glorify you.

The enemy of Life holds no power over us that you cannot equip us to transcend. You are life eternal — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We invite you into our hearts afresh this day, and praise your holy name.



Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / G. Freihalter

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